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when it comes to your health.

With WellMatch, you can compare doctors and procedures just like you would anything else: by seeing cost estimates, quality ratings, patient reviews, and more. And because WellMatch is brought to you by Aetna, the information is personalized based on your health plan.

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WellMatch can help you shop for health care services based on quality and costs, understand how to make the most of your health benefits, and manage your health care spending.

Why Price Transparency?

Health care costs are not just confusing, they are often unknown until after the bill arrives. Many times, even your doctor can’t tell you at the time of your visit what a procedure is going to cost you because they don’t have access to your current insurance plan status or know how much of your deductible has been met.

Why WellMatch?

At WellMatch, we think shopping for health care should be like shopping for other products and services: simple, convenient, and with access to useful information to make the best choice possible. With WellMatch, it’s easy to search for providers close to where you live or work, and view side-by-side price estimates for a specific procedure.