About our business

Simply put, we want to change the way people select and shop for health care services.

At WellMatch, we think shopping for health care should be like shopping for other products and services: simple, convenient, and with access to useful information to make the best choice possible. Our tools and services are helping to create a marketplace that allows consumers to make informed health decisions.

First to market is a health care price transparency tool that employers can offer to employees as a way to help manage their health care budget and identify quality providers.

We also know that creating a consumer application is not just about horsepower so we put a lot of effort into the design and usability of our products. We start by engaging the leading consultants in behavior design; we recruit gifted usability designers; we conduct in-person interviews and solicit feedback with user surveys; and we watch and listen. We love to measure (because numbers don’t lie) so usability metrics help guide the evolution of our designs.

How does all this translate to ease of use? Well, for starters, our user-training manual is simply a short demonstration video.

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Our site offers information about why we think health care price transparency is important and how our transparency tool can help but we always welcome the chance to speak with people directly so don’t hesitate to contact us.