Why WellMatch?

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The WellMatch ® price transparency tool provides the information necessary to make better decisions about health care spending. WellMatch is helping people shop for health care services in the same way they shop for other things: based on price, quality and convenience.

With WellMatch, it’s easy to search for providers close to where you live or work, and view side-by-side cost estimates for a specific procedure. In this illustrated example see how easy it can be to find the right provider using WellMatch.

Through the benefits of health care price transparency,
WellMatch can help lower out-of- pocket expenses while building a stronger engagement in the health care decision-making process.

Watch how WellMatch transforms the process of finding a doctor from frustrating to simple... and keeps money in your pocket.

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If your employer doesn’t offer WellMatch or you aren’t sure if they do, talk with your HR/benefits manager.

With WellMatch, you are shopping with...

Benefits tracking with WellMatch


Know your current health plan status and progress toward reaching your deductible limits


1 Type

Quickly find a provider, facility or procedure

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2 Click

Compare providers by quality rating, out-of-pocket cost and location

3 Call

See the breakdown of costs, read patient reviews, and then call to schedule an appointment

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And convenience

Access from your mobile or desktop device

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WellMatch is proud to work with premier partners such as DocSpot.